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What is a UHP tyre?

What is a UHP tyre?

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You may have heard the term ‘ultra-high performance tyre’ – or UHP – but what does it mean and does it apply to your vehicle?

Here are some FAQ’s about UHP tyres to help you understand more about them.

What is a UHP tyre?

Ultra-high performance tyres are designed to handle powerful engines and enhance the performance of ultra-high performance vehicles with a number of key characteristics that emit a responsive drive with shorter stopping distances, high traction levels, cornering stability and heat dissipation.

UHP tyres can come with a high price point, but Landsail’s LS588 provides an affordable option with all of the essential features for high-performance driving, available in almost 50 fitments.

Available in a range of low profile fitments, the LS588 has been developed using an advanced silica tread compound which boosts rolling resistance, helping to improve fuel efficiency and grip. The tread design provides a much larger contact area with the road – a typical feature of UHP tyres – to allow for better stability, cornering and control when driving at high speeds. The tread pitch and alignment have been optimised to reduce road noise levels, and added sipes and grooves work to improve wet handling and reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

Landsail UHP Tyre LS588

Where can ultra-high performance tyres be used?

There is a misconception that UHP tyres are restricted to track use only, and therefore, only designed for supercars. This was the case historically, but as consumer demand has grown, manufacturers have made these products more accessible for a wider range of vehicles and suitable for everyday road use.

Do I need an ultra-high performance tyre?

The first thing to identify is whether your vehicle came fitted with UHP tyres previously, in which case it is advisable to replace them with more UHP tyres to continue benefitting from the performance your vehicle outputs and ensure maximum safety.

In any case, you should assess whether your vehicle demands it. If you feel safety is compromised when travelling at high speeds due to lack of stability and control, ultra-high performance tyres are a must.

Can you use an ultra high-performance tyre all year round?

Yes, there are UHP tyres specifically designed for all-season, summer and winter use. The LS588 is a summer tyre, therefore is optimised to perform in warm weather equally in dry and wet conditions. It is not built to withstand cold temperatures or icy road surfaces as they lose grip when temperatures drop – as with any summer UHP tyre.

Do ultra-high performance tyres feel different to drive on than regular car tyres?

When driving at high speeds, there is a noticeable difference between how a regular car tyre reacts and a UHP tyre. When accelerating on UHP tyres, the driver should feel in control, due to the tyres’ ability to stabilise the vehicle, the superior grip they provide and the large contact area. A regular car tyre in contrast is less intuitive, and so is slower to react to higher speeds when it comes to controlled steering, grip and braking.






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