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Landsail runflats are engineered with reinforced sidewalls. If a puncture occurs, Landsail runflat technology provides additional carcass strength to support the vehicle without air, enabling the driver to continue moving to safety.

Aquaplaning Resistance Enhanced Stability Sporty Drive
Optimised Tread Design
Our computer-aided design has optimised the tread pitch and alignment which reduces road noise levels at higher speeds
Wet-Grip Sipes and Grooves
Added sipes and grooves improve aquaplaning resistance and provide better handling on wet roads
Dry Grip
Tread design creates a much larger contact area allowing better stability, cornering and control
Advanced Tread Compound
Advanced silica tread compound boosts rolling resistance and helps improve fuel efficiency
Lateral and Longitudinal Grooves
Deliver smooth handling and better control on dry and wet roads

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Tyre Size Guide

The normal width of the tyre
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
Load capacity of the tyre
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load

Understanding The EU Tyre Label

Fuel Efficiency

Rolling resistance has a direct impact on fuel consumption. A tyre's rolling resistance score ranges from A to G. Over the life of the tyre, fitting an A rated tyre could save you up to 6 litres more fuel every 625 miles - when compared to a G rated tyre.

Wet Grip

A tyre's wet grip capacity is expressed in Grades from A to G. The difference in braking distances between each grade is roughly 3m - an average car length. This makes average stopping distance between an A and G rated tyre 18m. That's 4 car lengths.

Noise Levels

The exterior noise grade of a tyre is expressed in decibels - accompanied by one, two or three sound waves, with one wave being the best noise level performance. To achieve the best grade, a tyre’s noise level must be at least 3dB under the legal limit set by the EU.