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Landsail Tyres are built on one simple principle – to utilise the best available technology to produce the highest-quality tyres.

Innovation has always set Landsail apart. From its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to its creative approach to achieving global performance standards, Landsail is a pioneer in developing solutions to provide a sustainable competitive advantage.

Across the range, Landsail’s research team has designed and engineered specific features to deliver class-leading performance and safety, while meeting stringent regulations on efficiency, noise and grip.

State Of The Art

Landsail was the first tyre manufacturer to commit to full ‘Smart Factory’ status – making it one of the most advanced tyre manufacturing facilities in the world.

Enhanced quality control and monitoring is the responsibility of core teams of tyre experts. Using AI and machine learning not only increases efficiency but also achieves one of the highest production standards in the industry.

Cutting Edge Innovation

Full ‘Smart
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Landsail Tyre Features

Performance Control Weather

Sporty Drive

Landsail’s advanced silica-based compound makes tyres more responsive to driver input

High Mileage Capability

Silica enriched compounds work in harmony with the tyre structure to deliver exceptional mileage capability

Fuel Efficient

Using the latest research into rolling resistance, Landsail delivers class-leading fuel economy

Low Noise

Tread blocks are designed to dampen and dissipate noise to create a peaceful driving environment

Enhanced Braking Performance

The contact area of every Landsail tyre is engineered to work with the silica compound to rapidly reduce velocity under heavy braking

Enchanced Stability

Rigid, interlocking block sections provide solid and predictable feedback to the driver

Rigid Construction

Landsail’s rigid carcass construction ensures that every driver input is translated to the road with precision

Exceptional Wet-Weather Grip

All Landsail tyres are formulated to deliver outstanding grip in dry and wet conditions, with tread patterns that further enhance wet performance

Improved Winter Braking

Landsail’s silica-based compounds are resistant to cold-weather hardening and deliver fantastic performance, even in low temperatures

All-Weather Traction

From the extreme heat of summer, to the depths of winter, Landsail tyres are designed to provide traction appropriate to their category in the most demanding climatic conditions

Enhanced Cold-Weather Traction

Landsail’s knowledge of tread performance means that in wintry weather its tyres stay connected to the road

All-Season Durability

Innovations in silica compounds mean that Landsail tyres are resilient to both hot and cold conditions meaning they remain in fantastic condition even after exposure to extreme temperatures

Aquaplaning Resistance

With a range of grooved and siped tread patterns designed to drive water away from the contact area, Landsail tyres are highly resistant to aquaplaning

National Strength

Group Tyre is not only the nation’s most comprehensive tyre distribution network – boasting more than one million tyres in stock all year around – it is the bedrock of the UK & Ireland’s automotive industry.

A streamlined supply network means that the majority of Landsail tyre orders can be fulfilled within one day, wherever you are in the UK & Ireland.

Landsail’s strategic partnership with Group Tyre means it supplies that network with a car and van tyre range covering more than 94% of vehicle fitments. Thanks to this extensive size range and depth of stock coverage, Landsail dealers can be confident that the right tyre will always be available.

Group Tyre offers support and resources to promote retailer business growth. Whatever the demands of the business, from branding and signage to technical training, Group Tyre can work in partnership to develop a tailored package of support.

Local Service

As a coalition of 10 major independent tyre distributors with 40 warehouses and more than 400 delivery vehicles across the UK & Ireland, Group Tyre is a national presence with local focus.

Same-day delivery and a deep understanding of the needs of businesses and consumers allows Group Tyre to ensure that the right tyres are available in the right places when they are needed.

This blends seamlessly with Landsail’s philosophy of smart supply – providing the tyres that customers need, when they need them.

Thanks to Group Tyres’ digital Group Link virtual warehouse, customers can find the tyres they need quickly and easily; having them delivered at the click of a button. Together, Group Tyre and Landsail can help exceed retail customer’s expectations.

Tyre Size Guide

The normal width of the tyre
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
Load capacity of the tyre
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load