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Five tips for driving safely this winter


Winter can be an unpredictable beast, with long icy roads accompanying pitch black landscapes. It’s enough to make any confident driver feel anxious, so staying ahead of the extreme weather is important to getting from A to B at this time of the year. Here’s some of our top tips to help you and your customers stay safe.

1) Prepare for the worst with a winter emergency car kit

Winter conditions can cause unforeseen problems for any vehicle, especially passenger cars. Prepare for the possibility of a breakdown by having a few items in a bag in the boot of your car. A blanket will keep you warm when you might not be able to heat your car adequately, and a torch can help you stay visible at the roadside if your battery fails to power your headlights, keeping you and other drivers safe from any potential collisions. 

Other items for your kit can include a set of jump leads, some small long-life snacks (protein bars etc.), bottled water, a small hazard sign, de-icer, an ice scraper and a charger for your phone (if your car provides the function to charge it.)

2) Keep your car clean

Keeping your car clean might sound trivial, but it could keep you safe and save you a hefty fine. Dirt can build up across your mirrors and windscreens, and combined with the glare from the low winter sun, your vision is impeded, putting other drivers at risk as well as yourself.

Washing your car in winter can help you avoid a fine from the police as well as any paintwork damage. Because winter is the time of year that will see mud, snow and rain more than any other, your car is going to build up debris quickly and you could find your headlights or number plate being obscured by it, which can lead to a £1000 fine. Paintwork damage from the gritting salts is also common at this time of year. A quick clean can dislodge any salts that are stuck in the car and make sure that the minerals inside don’t start to erode the paint!

3) Choosing the right winter tyres

Choosing the right tyres can sometimes be a chore, but in winter, it’s critical.

We have lots of suitable options:

There’s our high performance Winter Star, which provides a special cold weather silica compound, improving grip, braking and traction in the height of winter, as well as an advanced shoulder design which reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

Not to mention the Winter Lander, with a V-shaped tread which helps evacuate water for outstanding handling, and 3D stay-open sipes offer superior snow bite.

Check out our full winter range here.

4) Don’t wait for the fuel warning light

The roads are unpredictable and unforgiving, so don’t let yourself get low on fuel when an emergency situation can arise at any moment. Make sure you fill up at the start of your journey for peace of mind.

5) Mind the gap!

Make sure that the distance between you and the car in front of you is at least a full car and a half’s length. The ice or rain could create a loss of traction, meaning the risk of an accident is greater. Also, stopping distances can be 10 times longer in snow and icy conditions, so watch your speed.

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