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Snow Star and LSV88

Cost effective and reliable – choose Landsail’s van tyre range


Landsail’s range of commercial vehicle tyres offers quality you can trust to keep your fleet moving.

The LSV88, Landsail’s original van tyre, is built to perform in the most demanding conditions.

Designed with reinforced casing to handle the heaviest of loads, it can be relied on no matter the job or the distance. Van drivers can also save on fuel with the LSV88, thanks to the “S” grooves within the tread pattern that release heat from the tyre, giving drivers maximum mileage. It has also been engineered with staggered sipes that improve braking when carrying heavy loads.

Snow Star is an ideal winter tyre solution, delivering on traction, durability and control even in the most demanding conditions. Its tread design is engineered with 3D stay-open sipes which bite into the snow for extra grip. It also features wide longitudinal grooves to expel water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and improving steering.


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Tyre Size Guide

The normal width of the tyre
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
Load capacity of the tyre
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load