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Tyre Teacher | How to spot tyre damage

Fuzz Townshend Tyre Teacher

You may be in a good routine of checking your tyre tread and pressure on a regular basis, but do you ever consider looking out for damage to your tyres?

There are a few main areas of damage that can occur, making your tyres dangerous to drive on. Check out the video below from Landsail Tyre Teacher Fuzz Townshend for some visual cues.

  • Cracks – they can appear around the sidewall or along the tread, the cause of which can be a few things; a change in temperature, tyre ageing, if the vehicle has been sat in storage for a long time, or due to underinflation.  
  • Bulges – commonly caused from driving into potholes or ‘kerbing’, bulges are a result of a weakened tyre structure caused by impact at speed or from obstacles catching the tyre at the wrong angle.
  • Foreign objects – perhaps the most obvious indicator of tyre damage, if you spot a nail lodged in the tyre for instance, it’s important to take it to a professional immediately for advice on repair or replacement. The outcome will depend on where the nail has entered the tyre – if it’s in the sidewall, it’s a legal requirement to replace the tyre, however it may be repairable if the damage is in the tread. It’s important that you don’t attempt to remove the nail or other foreign object yourself, as it will only make the problem worse and put you at even more risk.

If you see any of the above when checking your tyres, it’s time to change them as the structural integrity of the tyre has become compromised, affecting its strength and performance.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your tyres, be sure to contact your nearest Landsail dealer for further advice.

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