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Motorists travelling in the hot weather

Tyre care in hot weather


As the UK experiences unprecedented temperatures, one of the things to consider when staying safe in the heat is the effect it has on your tyres.

Tyre pressure can increase as a result of the rising heat of the air inside your tyres. It can go up by around 0.1 bar for every 10 degrees the outside temperature rises by. Increased tyre pressure can cause overinflation, potentially leading to tyre damage or even a blowout.

Here are a few top tips for keeping your tyres in good health when it gets hot:

  • If tyres are hot to the touch, they may be overheating. Allow hot tyres to cool down where possible before travelling
  • Check your tyre pressure each week while the weather is hot
  • Always check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold. If not, your pressure gauge could falsely indicate that the tyres contain more pressure than is true, and if this “additional pressure” is reduced, the tyres could end up underinflated.

For support checking your tyres, visit your nearest Landsail dealer.

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Tyre Size Guide

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