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Why you should swap back to summer tyres


Summer is coming, and with it, the temperatures are increasing, which means for those with winter tyres fitted, it’s time to start dusting off your summer tyres ready to be fitted back onto your car; however, before you do this, we recommend doing a few safety checks:

Why should I swap back to summer tyres?

Continuing to use your winter tyres during the warmer months is not recommended, but why? Winter tyres are designed to remain flexible in colder weather conditions, allowing for increased performance and traction, whereas summer tyres would stiffen and lose traction. In warmer temperatures, winter tyres wear down a lot faster, reducing fuel economy and overall safety.

When should I swap my tyres out?

A general guideline on switching to summer tyres is when the temperature consistently rises above 7°C. In the UK, this typically aligns with the start of Daylight saving time or around a month into spring.

A few checks before you fit your summer tyres

During storage, winter tyres may develop or exacerbate pre-existing issues. Before swapping them out, check for:

  • Cracking – Inspect all tyres for cracks or splits, especially around the tread and sidewalls.
  • Tread – Ensure the tread depth exceeds the legal minimum of 1.6mm. We recommend a minimum of 3mm for optimal safety and longevity.
  • Chemical damage – A quick inspection of the area where you have stored the tyres for any chemical spills, these may leech into the tyre’s rubber, impacting the structure.
    Seek out alternative storage solutions

Nowadays, many garages provide tyre storage solutions all year round. The advantage of this service is that the garage may have the ability to install your tyres when it is time to change them. However, it is important to note that this type of storage comes at an additional cost.

Alternatively, those with the space can buy specialised racks, which will space them appropriately, keep them off the floor and avoid any risks. You may also consider mounting hooks, just be aware that these should only be used when the tyres are still on their rims, as it may cause warping of the rubber over time.

Looking for New Tyres?

If you need new summer tyres, Landsail offers a wide range of options. Visit our product page to explore our selection and learn more about us.

Consider an all-season option

If you prefer to avoid the hassle of seasonal tyre changes, all-season tyres are a convenient option. These tyres are designed to perform well in various temperatures and weather conditions.

Landsail offers a range of all-season tyres for both passenger and commercial vehicles, including the 4SEASONS and 4SEASONS VAN range.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form

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