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Tyre Teacher | How are tyres fitted?

Fuzz Townshend Tyre Teacher

Have you ever wondered how a tyre is fitted to your vehicle?

Watch our video below with Tyre Teacher Fuzz Townshend to find out.

When the time comes to change tyres, most drivers look to a professional tyre fitter to attach the tyres to their vehicles safely.

Fuzz says: “Tyres are fitted professionally so that you get the best out of your purchase, and so that you and everybody else are safe on the roads.”

Drivers put a lot of trust in their chosen tyre fitter to carry out this job correctly so that they can drive away confident in their new set of rubber. But how does it all work behind the scenes?

Landsail Tyre Teacher Fuzz Townshend talks through each step of the process.

  1. Once the wheels are removed from the vehicle, the fitter begins by removing the valve core and releasing all of the air.
  2. Using a machine, the old tyre is then separated from the wheel rim.
  3. The new tyre is then coated around the rim and beads with lubricant.
  4. Using the tyre machine again, the fitter then mounts the new tyre onto the wheel.
  5. The tyre is then inflated to the correct pressure, ensuring the beads are seated correctly on the shoulder of the rim.
  6. The wheel is then balanced to ensure there is no vibration from the wheel or tyre.
  7. The fitter then proceeds to fit the wheel back to the vehicle, checking whether it is asymmetrical or directional before fitting

“Unbalanced or incorrectly fitted wheels can affect the lifespan and reliability of the tyre”, said Fuzz.

Perhaps not as easy as you thought?

Keep up to date with other useful advice and tips from Fuzz on our social channels or check out our News page for more information.

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