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Get to Know…Tyre Central


This month, get to know Mark from Tyre Central…

What services does your garage provide?

Tyres, MOT’s, servicing, suspension, exhausts, brakes, clutches, tracking and wheel alignment.

How would you describe your business in 3 words?

Honest, friendly and good service.

Tell us one interesting fact people may not know about you?

I have a rare blood type.

What does your customer base typically value the most from your business?

Honesty, quick service and accessibility because we have a large quantity of stock.

What encouraged you to become a customer of Landsail?

We were attracted to Landsail due to the tyres having good ratings that are mostly on par if not better than most premium tyres. Landsail tyres also come with Accidental Damage Guarantee, which is a great selling point for our customers.

What impact has being a Landsail dealer had on your business?

Landsail is now a known brand, which makes it easier and faster to serve customers because they know what they want and what they can get in a tyre when it comes to a Landsail. A tyre that is economical and of premium quality.

Which Landsail products are most popular with your customers?

The Landsail Accidental Damage Guarantee is hugely popular as part of the product offering.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a fellow garage owner just starting out in the industry, what would it be?

If you have the space in your garage, then keep it well stocked and organised. Plan in advance and be flexible. Go the extra mile and be professional. Build a good relationship with a wholesaler that works best for you in terms of tyres, products, availability and service provided. A good sales manager will help to improve your business in the best way with innovative ideas and experience.

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Tyre Size Guide

The normal width of the tyre
The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
The diameter of the tyres inner rim in inches
Load capacity of the tyre
The maximum speed for this tyre at full load