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Fuzz Townshend | “How I accidentally bought a car”

Fuzz Townshend Tyre Teacher

Fuzz Townshend is renowned for his vast collection of classic cars, as well as his expertise in restoration. He recounts with Landsail an experience with one of his classic vehicles, which he never intended to purchase.

A Minerva Land Rover which he viewed with no real intention of buying at the risk of getting into trouble at home! However, after a few quiet stares and the eventual friendly push from the previous owner, it ended up being an offer he couldn’t and wouldn’t refuse.

The Minerva Land Rover was a short-lived model, originally manufactured by a Belgian company named Minerva to be used by the Belgian army who were at the time seeking out a new lightweight 4×4. Unfortunately for the Minerva Land Rover, production ended in 1956 lasting only 5 years after it appeared on the market when a fallout with Land Rover ended the partnership.

Watch Fuzz’s video below as he shares his story and talks about purchasing the vehicle.

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