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Fuzz Townshend gives a tour of his garage

Fuzz Townshend Tyre Teacher

Fuzz Townshend is known for his car restoration skills and his love of classic vehicles on screen, so it’s no surprise that he harbours his own personal collection.

As Landsail brand ambassador and Tyre Teacher, Fuzz invited us into his home garage to get a behind-the-scenes look at the vehicles he’s so passionate about, and we couldn’t wait to explore. 

Take an exclusive look around Fuzz’s garage in the video below to discover his favourite cars and the history behind them. You’ll uncover which of his collection was an accidental purchase, his most used car, and ‘a piece of technological excellence’.

His collection includes:

  • Austin 12/4 Burnham
  • Riley 9 Monaco
  • SEAT Mo
  • Babboe Cargo Bike
  • Minerva Land Rover
  • VeloSolex Bicycle
  • Austin 7 Special
  • Jensen 541R

A key tip from Fuzz: Use your classic vehicle! If it’s in sound working order and well maintained, don’t let it sit idle like a museum piece, enjoy it. Watch this space for upcoming advice from Fuzz on classic car ownership.

For more content from Fuzz, check out our social channels or visit the blog.

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