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Dealer of the Month: PB Tyres


Since 1987, Paul Baker has been running his tyre garage out of Golborne, servicing cars from the Wigan and Warrington area. For Paul, the journey was one that saw him learn his trade around the Wigan area before taking the plunge and setting up his own garage, where he still works 35 years later.

The services provided include tyre repair, tyre fitting for commercial and private vehicles as well as laser tyre alignment, making it the perfect hub for motorists.

“I’m averaging around 600 [customers] a month.” Paul said. “It’s brilliant really considering where we are.”

As an official Landsail dealer, Paul recently had the garage rebranded with Landsail’s signature blue and yellow signage, bringing a more professional feel to the full exterior. On approach to the garage, customers can now see PB Tyres’ opening hours, their services as well as the Landsail products on offer.

PB Tyres have continued to thrive since the Landsail signage was installed as it has helped bring a new lease of life to the garage. It’s also featured on his mobile fitting vans, which he uses to help recover stranded motorists.

“The branding is brilliant.” Paul added, “Landsail Tyres for us has been absolutely brilliant, they’ve helped put us on the map! We’ve tried all sorts over the years, and nothing’s ever worked like Landsail has.”

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Tyre Size Guide

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The aspect ratio, this mark represents the height of the tyre sidewall
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