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Understand Your TyreHow To Buy Landsail Tyres

Our extensive range of Landsail tyres can be fitted by our comprehensive network of approved Landsail fitting stations up to 48 hours.

This site will only allow you to order tyres that are currently in stock, if your selected tyre is not in stock, please drop us an email and we will let you know when your tyres will be available.

1 - Search for your tyres

You can either search by your car registration or via a specific size - the following image should help you understand tyre sizing:

Understand Your Tyre

Speed Rating

It's really important that you check your speed rating when buying tyres. It's vital for safe driving and if you choose a tyre with an inappropriate speed rating, it can invalidate your car insurance.

Where to find your speed rating

You'll find the speed rating of a tyre on the sidewall, represented by a letter. In the image above, the speed rating is H.

The tyre speed rating is useful because you can work out the maximum speed capability of your tyre. The maximum speed of the tyre in the image above is 130mph.

Choosing a tyre with a lower rating than is appropriate for your car can invalidate your insurance.

The below table lists all tyre speed ratings in miles and kilometres per hour:

2 - Select tyre options (if searched by reg)

You will be presented with a list of tyre options - split into front and rear. Select one tyre option only (you may add more later). Make sure you check the size of your front and back tyres as some vehicles require different sizes at the front and rear.

You can also include runflat tyres in your search - you can read more about runflats here.

3 - Select a Landsail tyre

Select a Landsail tyre and quantity and click 'add to cart', you can view more information relating to the tyre here (this will open in a new window).

4 - What to do next

You now have 3 options:

  • Add more tyres for this vehicle - you will be taken back to the previous stage - where you can select other Landsail tyres to add to this vehicle (if relevant).
  • Add tyres for another vehicle - You will be taken to the homepage search form where you can begin your search for tyres via reg or specific size to add to your order.
  • Proceed to fitting - You will proceed to the next stage.

5 - Choose fitting

Search for a dealer via postcode. Once you've entered your postcode, you will see 5 of the nearest Landsail fitting stations and you can choose the most suitable. Landsail tyres can only be purchased via this site with fitting at one of our approved centres.

6 - Select garage

Select from the range of available garages.

7 - Book a fitting date

Select a suitable date from the calendar. Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours to ensure that your tyres arrive at the fitting station, appointments within 48 hours will not be available for booking. Each of our fitting stations may have different opening hours - so we will only offer times that are available at your chosen garage.

8 - Select a Suitable Time

Select a time that suits you - we offer 1 hour delivery slots. If you need to change or cancel your fitting appointment, please email or call us so we can inform the fitting station and rearrange the booking.

9 - Register/Login

You will be asked to register or login at this stage. Registration will allow us to store your contact information to save you time in the future.

10 - Order Summary

View your order and make changes before proceeding via PayPal or save to your basket for later.

11 - Payment/Order Fulfilment

You will be transferred to the PayPal website to complete your payment. Once your payment is complete, you will return to a confirmation page and also receive a confirmation email.

If for any reason payment fails, a page will be displayed with contact details. Please get in touch and we will help complete your order.

When your order is confirmed, your tyre(s) will be dispatched to your fitting station of choice and the fitting appointment will be confirmed with the fitters. You will need to print your confirmation email and take it with you to the tyre fitting.

Your Landsail Account

You can access your Landsail account from anywhere within the site by clicking on the yellow tab in the top right hand corner of the screen:

Understand Your Tyre

Once logged in, the yellow tab becomes a drop down allowing you to access your Landsail account:

Understand Your Tyre
  • Your Profile - Allows you to make changes to the profile information you have provided (name, address etc.).
  • Your Orders - List of your previous order and button allowing you to easily reorder.
  • Your Basket - List of any orders you have saved to your basket and a link to continue your purchase.
  • Sign Out - Returns the yellow drop down to the sign in page.